Role of the Senate

These resources will provide you with information about the role of the Senate as well as its structure and functions.


  • Parliament of Canada - Provides current and historical information about the Senate, as well as Webcasts of Committee proceedings. Includes:
  • Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) - Provides CPAC’s entire television schedule live online, including the Commons debates and some Senate committee meetings. Podcasts of selected CPAC programming are also available.
  • Canada Site (Government of Canada) - Provides access to information about Canada and the Government of Canada, including:
  • Canadian Government Information (Library and Archives Canada) - Selective collection of Internet sources for governmental information. Includes links to Canadian government websites and key federal documents.
  • Canadians and Their Government: A Resource Guide (Canadian Heritage) - A resource guide containing ready-to-use material for various types of learning environments. Provides a comprehensive and concise explanation of how Canada has developed, and continues to develop, as a strong democratic country.
  • Historica: The Canadian Encyclopedia Online - Contains useful and informative entries on the House of Commons, the Senate, Political Participation (including information about voter turnout), the Party System (including the roles of political parties), Elections and the Electoral System (including electoral reform).


  • Bejermi, John. How Parliament Works. Ottawa: Borealis Press Limited, 2000.
  • Jackson, Robert J. and Doreen Jackson. Politics in Canada: Culture, Institutions, Behaviour and Public Policy, 5th ed. Toronto: Prentice Hall, 2001