List of Anticipated Senate Vacancies in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario in 2017

This list of Senators and their anticipated date of retirement ranges from today until December 31, 2017. You can view the full list of Senators and their dates of retirement on the Parliament of Canada’s webpage.

Name Province (Designation) Date of retirement
Nancy Ruth Ontario (Cluny) 2017-01-06
Moore, Wilfred P. Nova Scotia (Stanhope St. / South Shore) 2017-01-14
Cowan, James S. Nova Scotia 2017-01-22
Wallace, John D. New Brunswick (Rothesay) 2017-02-01
Runciman, Bob Ontario (Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes) 2017-08-10
Ogilvie, Kelvin Kenneth Nova Scotia (Annapolis Valley - Hants) 2017-11-06